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East Texas Grain and Knot LLC

Texas Flag

Texas Flag

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Celebrate patriotism and craftsmanship with our exquisite hand-chiseled wooden Texas flags. Each piece is meticulously crafted from premium hardwoods to showcase the beauty and spirit of the Texas flag in a unique way.

Dimensions: 48" x 26"

Comes with bracket to install and hang immediately.
These are each handmade to the customer's preference. Please allow 1-2 weeks before it is shipped out.

🔨 Handcrafted with Care:
Every flag is carefully chiseled by our skilled artisan, ensuring attention to detail and a rustic, authentic look that captures the essence of American heritage.

🎨 Customizable Options:
Personalize your flag with optional features such as engravings and patinas, making it a perfect gift for veterans, patriots, or anyone proud to display their Texas pride.

🏡 Perfect for Any Space:
Whether displayed indoors as a focal point in your living room or proudly hung on your porch, our flags add a touch of Texas to any home décor.

🌳 Quality and Durable:
Crafted from locally sourced hardwoods, each flag is not only eco-friendly but also durable enough to last from generation to generation.

🎁 Thoughtful Gift Idea:
Surprise your loved ones with a meaningful gift that symbolizes freedom, unity, and the timeless beauty of the Texas flag.

🌟 Handmade Excellence:
Each flag is a testament to our commitment to quality and craftsmanship, making it a standout piece in any collection of Texas memorabilia.

Embrace the spirit of Texas with our hand-chiseled wooden Texas flag. Click 'Add to Cart' now to own a piece of artisanal pride!

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